Tiny little life

Recently, my house became very merrier, with the presence of lot of little small life. Indeed, they are really small.

He been obsessed with the shrimps recently, that he rare his own aquarium full of shrimps. The shopping list from the aquarium, decoration, food, seaweed, sands, etc. All this done by him, alone. Well, I was just be his company when he do his shopping. Haha.. Oh, and I'm his helper when he cleaning the aquarium once a week too. But the biggest responsibility that I'm having, is to seat in front of the aquarium, and enjoy the free world of the shrimps.

The aquarium, is located just next to our bed. This way, we manage to view them swimming here and there, looking for foods, or playing with the 'trees' in the water. It's really so happy to look at them, working hard with their tiny little legs, trying to swim from here to there. And their mouth, is like never stop eating. They keep open and close, while their hands delivering the food to the mouth. It's just very fun.

Well, come to think of it. If we can just live like them, no need to worry anything, no need to bother anything. There will be food when it's the time, and there will be a clean habitat when it's the time (fully served by a human). I don't have to do any special attractive stunt to please my master, but just live the way I want to be. 

Sounds good right? Just one free and easy life!