Sin Yee Kee @ Pasar Besar Seremban

Went to Port Dickson last weekend, with my fellow colleagues. Well, PD is the nearest beach we can find in KL. To BBQ at beach side, is much better than at someone's house right?

But then I'm no going to talk about the BBQ at PD here, I'm talking about a very nice Beef Noodle stall  in Pasar Besar Seremban, that we had the next day before we back from PD. This stall is very famous for its beef noodle. Hm, too bad we all had dried beef noodle, should have try the soup too. Perhaps, I will have another chance to come again for their soup !

the sesames, spring onions, fried peanuts, and salted vege scattered at top
right at the bottom, is the choices of your noodle
I strongly recommend the Lai-Fen(瀨粉), taste just so perfect~

Went google about it too, for more information, please refer this link.