Sanbanto Cafe @ SS2

Sanbanto Cafe, a restaurant which main dishes are pork, that located at SS2, same row as GTK. Haha, when I heard about pork available in the restaurant, I really can't wait to taste it out!

menu with a lot of cute little piggy

pork belly salad, RM13

crunchy deep fried pork meat, put on a lot of vege

last but not least, pour on some special made sweet and sour sauce

pork burger, RM17
served with a small pot of garden salad, and some fries

the burger, consists of pork steak, fried bacons, and cheese

my favorite latte, RM6.50
taste so-so
iced lemon tea, RM4

the cafe actually not big, about half sized of a shoplot

What you see on your left is where we eat, where on the right is the kitchen. I was sitting on the table behind this black-shirt lady. Did you see the black window on the right in the photo? Well, that's where they put the pork. I can see there a pig that only left half body..

lamp on the ceiling
like this very much!

the back wall of the cafe is posted with this fake grass wall
feel a little like garden style though