Incompatible Ba-Zi

A man has been with his woman for many years, and they finally decided to get married.

The mother of the man took their Ba-Zi for a compatible checking. Unfortunately, the result came out their Ba-Zi is not compatible. The woman would have damage the man's good fortune. The mother was so unhappy and commanded them to be separated.

The two actually loves each other very much. But the man is the eldest in his family. A younger brother is still at school. Family business still need his management. So what should they do? Obeyed to the mother and break-up? Disobeyed the mother and everybody scold them for being unfilial? And what if something bad happened, who should be responsible then?

In the end, the man thought of a way, 3 years. They should give each other 3 years to do own things, instead of get married back then. Man should take the 3 yeas to get the family business stable, to pass to the brother later. Woman should take the 3 years to continue her will, to further study aboard. In another word, they should break-up for 3 years. After 3 years, if both of them still love each other, then the man should pass the family business to his brother and get married with the woman.

Poor woman, lost the man for the bad Ba-Zi she has. A man she loves, and also loves her.
After a long long time, they eventually turned up break-up for real. The woman came back from oversea, and found herself a true love. She got married, and has a kid. 

But no sign for the man, no sure what actually happened to him..