The Apartment @ The Curve

After dinner at Mizi, we went to The Apartment @ The Curve, for a drink. I actually prefer coffee, but Fox likes beer, so does the friend.

Been to this restaurant before, for dinner. But I never write about it, for no nice photo, lazy to write. Frankly, I don't really like a post without photo, just find rather dull and boring, especially something about food!

Hm, anyway. They actually serve nice food, good to taste. And the cozy environments makes you feel like your relaxing at your own home. Hehe, if only I have a home like this~

White Wine
People say, white wine is the perfect match for white meat (fish, etc)

Hm.. Does this server after kill Kenny ?

Hehe.. My favorite!

Mojito Classic
Hm, don't know how should i describe this, but I really can't stand the taste
Sour and bitter, plus the strong taste of lime, gosh..

Drinks, are the theme of the nights, no food. But I was so busy to take photos with the  450D. Hehe.. Many shots, but very little nice shots.

So, do give some comments please?

The corner next to the DJ counter
There placed few sofas, and a small coffee table, cozy n relax
It should feels great when you come here having a drink with your good friends in the companion of nice music

DJ Counter

I like this, the yellowish lamp give people a very warm feeling