Broga Hill

Hm.. This has been happened like a month ago. Ha, now only I willing to write it down. No, I really can't go on with my laziness like this. Otherwise, drag drag drag then I will not have the mood to write anything after all...

August 22nd 2009, early morning at 0300, a silly lady decided to take the challenge, drive her black-horsey alone in this lonely Chinese Ghost month, to fetch another silly lady who also decided to take the challenge. Two of them then reach the Shell Station at Cheras, to wait for the rest of the team. Well, luckily there isn't any other 'passenger' in the car then. After everybody gathered together, there go they start the journey toward Broga Town.

Soon they reach to the entrance toward Broga Hill, where located in a land of Rubber Estate. Sky high the rubber trees all covered the starlight of the night. It's really too dark that we can't even see my own fingers when the car light is Off. Quickly without hesitation, we on the torch light, and every body feel wonderful. And, I keep telling myself not to think of something silly..

Two of the members been here before, so no doubt, they are the tour guide of us for this trip. One by one, we cross over the Rubber Estate, and come to a junction. Our tour guide forgot which junction should we take, so she bring us to the left, which she thinks its familiar. But then, actually we should turn right.. So, we went to the wrong way, then when we turn back when we found out we were wrong, then take the opposite way, and continue our journey.

This, is the junction we missed. Remember to turn right ya.
(The photo taken on our way back, when the day has come)

Not too long after the junction, the road is getting difficult. The level of the slope, the fungus along the rocks and paths which makes it super slippery. Sometimes, we have to get help from the plants grow along the path, so we wont fall down. And there are lots of holes, which caused by the rain. So everybody got to be extra careful.

After one and another hill, after one and another stop, everybody is so tired. Finally, we managed to get to the hill top! Look around the place, everywhere still very dark. Only when you look up, the sky is full of stars,! Twinkle twinkle little stars!

Before the sun is out, quickly took a photo of the town under

The sun is coming out

Saw this beagle there, company his master here
He is really great! It's really not easy to walk up here though, and he just look like walking at the ground

Before we leave, let's take a group photo

Broga Hill,

A piece of golden grasses, I love this very much

Our shows are full of the grasses, and mud, and fungus

The Rubber Estate at the entrace

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