Din Thai Fung @ The Gardens

Wesley is my god-brother since college. Ever since he went back to Sibu, we seldom keep contact. The last time we ever met was few years ago, when he company his sister here for University enrollment.

This time, he come to KL again, for his sister's graduation. Time really flies. So, I make an appointment with him for dinner.

The must-order Xiao Long Bao
This actually taste so-so, the skin is not thin enough, and the sauce is too little
but the fillings do taste good though

Shrimp Xiao-Mai
It taste something similar to the Xiao Long Bao, just there a piece of shrimp on top
which makes the upper skin rather thick

House Brand Vege
Said is one of the new dishes
Taste a bit sour and sweet, with a little bit spicy

Three Cup Chicken 
The taste of soya sauce is rather too think, and cant really taste the rice wine in it
Bit salty, to eat with rice should be better

Zha Jiang Mian
According to Wes, this taste so-so

Beef Noodle
Very rich beef soup, and the beef is braised to well
For those who like beef noodle, should like this