Hope VS Dissapointed

Some said,
the higher the hope, the more dissapointed you get
I do agree this, very much. And I felt it deeply now.

Been working on something to make my dream comes true. Thought going to became reality soon, but got a bad news saying I may not be qualified, that I may have to cancel the plan. Frankly, the moment when I hear it I felt nothing.

Soon after that, after I disgest the words, then I realized I may just lost my dream like that. Whatever been thinking, whatever been planning, will all became nonsense. And, high chanse, may have to cancel it now.

What to do? May be I have overestimated myself. Knew the chances actually very slim, but still wanted to give it a try. The result? Really broke my heart..

Should I just let it go? Or should I keep working on it? Hoping the next will be better?