SkyTrex Adventure, Taman Pertanian Malaysia

I had a very different weekend. First, I went to the SkyTrex Adventure at Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Shah Alam. Then, I went to the Super GT International Series at Sepang F1 Circuit.

The SkyTrex Adventure, was actually being founded by foreigners, for their own pleasures. All the activities are being held up in the sky, from tree to tree. But then, don't know since when, this is been opened to the public, and of course, with fees. The package we have chosen is "The Big Thrill", Rm35 per person. Well, if you can get a group of atleast 10, you will get a discount rate of 10%. For those who are interested, may check out the details at their official website, here.

So, last Saturday morning, we gathered together for breakfast before we start our journey. The adventure starts at 1300, so there shall be plenty of time for us to get there. But since we aren't familiar with the route to there, and also the massive jam that Federal Highway could be, we decided to start our engine earlier. And, we finally reached there before the dedicated time.

The very first thing was to get the tickets, the tickets to get into the Taman Pertanian.,Rm3 per person. Then, we have to get on a bus that specifically drive us to the spot.

this is the bus that responsible to fetch us to the destination

and this banner, teaches us how to starts, what should we do

So, the very first thing we must fill in a form, that saying we, our own self is the one that should be responsible on our safety. We shall be rely on our very own self.

Then, have to buy a pair of gloves to protect our precious hands. The cables and stuff, can be very harmful. There do sell gloves here, RM3 per pair. If you do not wants to buy a new pair, you can gets the used pair here too, just remember to return once used. (I personally prefer to buy a new pair, because the used pair so just so not in the condition..)

After submitted the form, we shall come to this Gear up deck, to put on the safety gear, aka the hardness.

See we are so busy with the hardness wearing

The hardness, is an equipment to put on our waist, to help carry our body when we are in the air. There are 3 locks on the hardness, each got its own functions to help look after our safety. The first lock, called pully(actually not sure how does it spelled), looks squarish and bulky, used to hooked on the cable when we do horizontal walking. The second and third lock, called craps (also not sure how does this spelled), is a pair of hooker like lock, which one of them is slightly longer. The short 1 used to lock on the pully, where the long 1 used to lock on the cable behind the pully, when we do horizontal walking. If its for vertical climbing, both craps are used to hook and locked on the hook on the cable.

Well, it seems like a bit difficult to understand huh? But no choice, to secure our life, we better pay full attention and always focus on this process. Life is precious, friend!

After the hardness, we are directed to this mini training spot, where you may few similar challenges here. The pretty guide tought us how to use the locks, and explained to us the precaution we should look into.

the first challenge in the mini training, the stair made up by pipes.
We are required to climb up the stairs, to the platform there.
All the challenges are made from tree to tree, so this platforms are very important for us to do all the safety process.

Next, we have to walk through this hanging bridge to the platform on the other tree.

Thirdly, swing ourself to this spider web, and climb up the platform.
On first swing, do not grab the net. This is due to the impact of the first swing, might hurt us.
On second swing, try to position yourself, and this time, grab the net. Once grabbed it, slowly climb to the platform.

The last challenge is to do the famous flying fox. Well, this 1 we not able to take a good photo on it. Anyway, we are required to fly ourself from the platform to ground.

After everybody tried this mini training, and managed to handle the locks, there we go to the real challenge on the other side!

~~ ** ~~

The first challenge, consists a stairs of 14 km long. Do you ever feel your legs are shaing after seeing this? When I first start to climb the stairs, I was like so proud that I climb it one leg one step. Not too long later, I started to use my hands to grab the stair above, and pull my body up, super difficulyly.. When I finally get to the platform, I was so relief and my hands actually felt so just not mine.. Well I guess this is all because I didn't exercise at all during normal days..

Anyway, due to these kind of energy absorber actions, it's really difficult to take nice and clear photo in the air, and well, it's dangerous as well. So I will just show you some of the photos from the challeges we went through. And, as you may see, there will always be a cable through out the challenges. This used to protect ourself, just incase we falls or something. The locks on the cable will hang us there, so we ddin't fall down from the trees, or from the air.

waking on the net

the zig-zag way

the most famous flying fox

the tarzan's way

another walking on the net, but this is bigger net

walking on the pipes

the bigger spider web

preparing for the final flying-fox

this is the longest, and most fun flying fox

Well, the orginizer did prepare this CHICKEN EXIT, for those who failed to proceed further.
But hell, there is no way we are going to be a CHICKEN, are we??!!!!