Safe Charco

Finally, black-horsey is back, together with charco. Yes, I send charco to company black-horsey, just in case he might be scared of being alone in some stranger place. Yesterday when I went to pick them up, the moment when I saw charco, I really feel like laugh out loudly..

The mechanic actually help charco put up his safety belt. Then I find, him, whoever he is, is definitely a very humor person. Wahaha...

Whatever it is, it really made my day! Bravo~

p/s: Black-horsey has been examined as fuse relayed problem. It might be the workshop that I send for the auto-lock system installation, that didn't do their work properly. Somehow the wiring went wrong, that caused the fuse relayed. And just because this is something I installed additionally, it is not under warranty.. Urghhh!!