Shar-Pei Baby

Remember I was thinking to go back hometown for the past holiday? Well, the plan withdrawn, and my baby, was in deep trouble.. Wahaha...

Ok, here the story goes. Baby is having some kind of skin problem that she has the dandruff growing over her back, and her fur keep falling. Since I was free the last weekend, so I decided to shaved all her fur, so we can do some treatment on her skin. It's rather difficult to do something when her fur all covered.

So, there we goes. Before I bath her, I shaved all her fur. And there she became like this,

And you know what, she been shivering when we sleep at night the day. Probably it's cold in the room with air-cond on, and she got no more fur to protect her. Poor baby. And, she keep sticking to me in the middle of the night. Well, if it's the normal day, she would probably sleeping like a pig near my legs there where the air-cond can reached. So I had to hug her tight in the blanket.

The second night, I dress her an old T-Shirt before we went to sleep. This time round, she gets back to normal, and leave me alone there. Such a great daughter huh?

This, is her furious look. She was so angry...

And this, is the back.

All the reddish.. Poor little thing..

Hahaha.. Doesn't she look like a shar-pei ?