Pepper Lunch @ Pavillion

Saw this restaurant review before on other food blogger, and it looks kinda tempting. Went there for lunch yesterday for there is a free-of-charge-driver. Haha..

The restaurant is located at ground floor, Pavillion, just next to Food Republic.

it's at self-service concept, where u order at the counter
take a number plate with u, and wait for the waiter to bring in your food

on the table, are assorted sauces like these

there are set meals available, you can choose either 
A) main course + drink
B) main course + miso soup

Beef Set with egg, Rm14
juicy and very thin beef slices, tenderly soft
personally think this taste good, quite big portion too

Chicken Set with egg, RM14
the chicken looks dull, but the driver said it taste good

Unagi Set, Rm14.90
very few unagi, and very smal pieces too
unagi taste over-cooked, hm, probably leave it at the hot plate too long

there's actually something inside the corns and rice as you can see
stir mix the butter hidden under, and put on some black pepper

P/S: The restaurant named Pepper Lunch, probably due to the spice that they encourage the guests to add on the meal. Spice up the day ~

It's snowing~

My Chinese blog at Wordpress is snowing now. Haha.. This morning when I get the page loaded, I see many tiny little white dots flowing around the page. It's snowing! It should be the setting I applied since last year, that I didn't remove.

Like the feeling when the little white dots flowing from the top to bottom. It's just so Chritsmas!

Well, so there will be this small thing that you abandoned aside. And, you forgot about it. And, suddenly it pop out! You will have a feeling like, Wow, what a surprise!

Haha.. Feel so happy after it, certainly refreshing my day ~

Sushi Zanmai @ Lowyat Plaza

Sushi Zanmai has got its new outlet opened at Lowyat Plaza. Went for a try yesterday with fellow colleagues. Heard their food are really good at the Mid Valley branch, gets very high review though.

Bu then, it was disappointing. It does not taste as good as I expected. Also, the food looks more delicious in the pictures. Hm..

supposed to be my very favorite, but..
unagi is not fresh enough, tasted fishy
the kabayaki sauce also did not taste as it should be

Tendon - shrimp tempura
shrimps tends to be very soft, probably leaved for some times
feeling so oily after half of it though

Tendon - fried oyster
first bite of fried oyster, taste goo
after few bites, it gets very oily, probably the oyster not so fresh?

Agedashi Tofu
the best ever had at the night
but, will get oily if ate too muh

it could the vinegar used, that I don't like that taste
ginger slices are not crunchy

Soft-shell Crab Handroll
seaweed is really fresh, that it's so crispy
too much vege, and too less soft-shell crab

We were sitting at the one of the rolling-belt table, for we thought it should be easier and convenient for us to get the sushi on the plate. There seems like variety of sushi, and the way to make the sushi seems like very different from other sushi outlet too. One thing, their ingredients are really fresh! Worth a try still.