1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Seri Petaling

This is just another oh-dragged-so-long-post.

The restaurant is located at Seri Petaling, selling Ipoh Chicken Rice. Ah-Dou, who originally from Ipoh, said she been so desperately missing the Ipoh Chicken Rice. So there we go to give it a try. The location is actually near to the Sen Heng Electrical Shop, just at the are opposite. And, it's just next to the main road, you should be able to catch it while driving along the road.

This is what we had the other evening
Pork balls, Ipoh Tou-geh, Steamed Chicken, Char-Siew & Siew-Yok

The waiters are all very clean and neat, they even wearing mask while cooking

The famous Ipoh Steamed Chicken
So smooth and soft like what we had in Ipoh

Ipog Tou-Geh
Although not every single stripe is fat and sweet, but it still taste very good

Char_Siew & Siew Yok
Siew-Yok are terrific, crunchy skin with softy meat
But the Char-Siew, a bit too salty, and the meat are overcooked

Ipoh Kuey-Teow Soup
Thin slices of Kuey-Teow, served with sweet and tasty chicken soup, just great !

Pork Meat Balls
Bouncing rich pork feeling