Iced Mixed Fruit @ Ipoh

Iced mixed fruit

This is what I found in Ipoh, some kind of special dessert I guess, Iced Mixed Fruit. It's something very similar to the famous Iced Kacang. The only different is that the ingredients being used are all fruits.

First, put some shredded ice at the bottom of the bowl, and put some 'red sugar' (made from sugar cane) on it. Then, put in all the fruits, arranged nicely into the bowl. Last, put some peanuts and a scope of ice cream on top of it. There you go, it's done.

Hm.. Don't think KL has such dessert yet, has it? Anyway, it's something different, and tasty too. Definitely worth a try.

Forgot to mention, I found this from food stalls next to the Sam Tet Primary School, in Ipoh town. Also found something the day, two of the stalls owner were fighting/scolding each other at the stalls, in front of all customers. It was because stall B put their tables and chair across to stall A. Stall A's owner was so angry and started the war. All the F words were flying over the air.. Although I do not know what's so big deal that your neighbour stall put their tables and chairs slightly over the line, but it seems a very unforgiveable action to them though..