Happy 4 Yrs Old, My Baby

photo taken from the Internet.

Happy Birthday to my lovely Baby~

Today, baby has became 4 years old. Where, in human age, she is already 28 years old. My oh my, she still act like a small little girl, who likes to play, who likes to be 'manja', and who likes to throw her temper too.. But after all and all, she still bring us lots of lots of fun and happy!

Baby, you are fully grown up now, so you must listen to what mummy say, ok. Don't just always makes mummy angry.. Mummy ask you to go home then you should just go to the lift there, don't walk here and there go kepoh-ing, and pretend not hear me..

Baby Baby.. Mummy loves you yea~

p/s: We bought baby 2 big bones(as per the picture above) as her birthday present, and she likes it very much!