Black-Horsey is Sick, ID Open Second Prize

It's just less than two weeks time. Two weeks.. and my black-horse went wrong. It is so unbelievable.. But then, who asked me to install the lock-tech thingy? Now something went wrong, how to judge who is a the wrong side?

It happened like this.. Last Friday when I wanted to go out, I found the gear was not functioning. But then since it's a Holiday, cannot do much too. Have to wait till Saturday to call the mechanic to fix it. Frankly, I was thinking to go buy the numbers the very first thing when I get to out. It's Saturday anyway, and I never buy the ID of black-horsey.

But then, probably because it's a long weekend, the hotline cannot get through. OMG, have to wait till Monday then. And I was totally forget about the number thingy..

At night, his sister called up, saying black-horsey's ID strikes the numbers, TOTO second prize. OMG! Second Prize!! Do you have any idea how much will that be?? It's 10 times, man!

Then Monday, which is yesterday, black-horsey has to go into the hospital. The mechanic came, can't start the engine. Then don't know what he did, the engine get started, and he drove black-horsey to hospital.

Oh my black-horsey... What is wrong with you? How come you never bring me luck, but to someone else? If you don't bring me luck, how am I going to dress you handsome handsome?