Oh My God...

One month..
It's just another one month..

My god, why are you so cruel? It's just a month? Why you just don't let me get over this one month?

Why do you have to let my laptop damaged? What do you want me to do in this coming whole month? Do you know I can't get online I can't surf Internet I can't check my email I can't update my blog, I will die!! Do you know I can't "yi-yap" with daddy at night no more I will be like a zombie??!!

What do you say? What do you think I suppose to do here? What do you want me to do here after work, and during weekend? Watching TV, those are all Hindi movies. No even they have English movies, they are in Hindi too. Star channels and HBO channels? They always repeat the same old show!

Argh!! Really hope I can get it fixed tonight when I go back..

Friend, do pray for me please... Amen...