One's Properity

My housemates and I were watching this TVB Series called, <向世界出发>. There I found this part where The famous Eric Tseng showing Brunei in the show, is rather hilarious. He said something really interesting in his episodes.

How do we determine one's prosperity?
When you spend money to buy something for your friend, people asked you friend who gave it to you and your friend answered is you. And, this is your prosperity. You paid for this, as a gift to your friend for a representation of your friendship.

When you have plenty of money in your pocket, but you didn't spend it till the day your gone. This is not your prosperity after all. The most, you are just keeping the money for someone.

When I first heard about it, I find it really interesting, and yet so true. Whatever we cannot bring into the coffin, are just things not belongs to you. Those things that not belongs to you, and you cant bring it together, are absolutely not yours, it will be taken by others in the end.

The time we can spend in this world, is just too short. Why do we have to bother about all the titles, the power? We should have just enjoy the days while we are still alive, and go the hell all the politics.

Well of course, someone who will say this, also who can say this, is someone who at least tried this before, the wealthy, the titles, the power.

I have been living in the world for over 30 years. I have nothing I have no car I have no house I even have debts around. If you ask if I can put aside this, I will definitely tell you, NO I can not! I never enjoy my life, I never try this I never try that!