To praise is a way to show appreciation or a way for people to show off?

So, there is this day that everybody in the office received this letter, to praise the teams that have completed their module and their tasks.

A: There still don't have my name in it (the list).. (showing the black long face)
A: Team leader, I want this. (his finger pointing to the email on the monitor)
B: What is that? Oh, I'll write one for you when you have completed your tasks.

A strictly lost his mood, and show his black long face, again. And B, seeing the situation isn't rigt, quickly drafted an email to praise him and the team.

A, is the developer of the HQ of India office.
B, is the team leader of the team, that came to KL together with me.

After I hear this story, I find it so riddiculous. People praised you because you did something, people feel grateful, it's a way of appreciation. There isn't a fixed rule saying people MUST praise you, moreover it's something you should do? You haven't even complet the tasks assigned, how shameless you are to ask your leader to praise you?

To ask an appreciation letter? What is this? People does't need to give you any appraisal anyway?

Well, this is just my very own opinion. It may be something wrong with the way I think? Or it's just one of their culture?