The collection of 深雪

[ 深雪作品集 ]

Was rather boring few weeks back at work.. (Hm.. hey don't you tell my bosses kay?) So, I went googled one of my favorite writer, a pretty lady from Hong Kong, 深雪.

Very lucky, I found a collection of her from the net. For those who love her books, or stories too, you may have a visit to 文搜网's 深雪作品集. Or, you can also visit her official website, 雪猫府.

Listed below are some of her popular works,
I strongly recommend this, 二姝梦续集. An unexpected mixed with little fantasies, made a fantastic story line.

The triplets of Mistery, selling not only wishes, but love too. The undying love between Monalisa, and Davinnci. Then, the SM style relationship betwee Monalisa, and Henry VI, for her to gain a life.