[ 假日 . 终于 ]

So, this marked the third month I've been in India, despite the two weeks break in KL not long ago.

It's really not the right time when we came here last time, it's the holiday season in Malaysia. But it has nothing to do with me at all.. Company policy says that we, who are working aboard, have to follow the holiday in the country we are serving. OK lo..

Now, tomorrow, is a holiday in India!!

It's HOLIDAY tomorrow !!

Haha.. Finally I get to enjoy holiday, after so long waiting.

Hm.. But what to do in this day? It seems like we have been to all shopping malls here, there is nothing special and nothing fun about this malls. Besides, we have nothing to buy..

But Dou-Dou said we have been stayed in the hostel for last two weekend. It was so boring and we have nothing to do in the hostel too. Let's get something to do.

Hm.. Shopping?
JT said don't want. There isn't anything special and fun here. Boring to walk around in such malls.

Hm.. Movie?
I personally think the condition of cinema here isn't well, definitely not as well as in KL. The price is rather expensive too, and we can't even bring our bag in!

The result..
Dou-Dou went googled the on-showing movies. OK, found one that showing , priced at about RS160 (RM15). Hm.. OK lo..

So, that's it. We are going to have lunch at Mega City Mall, then walk over to City Center for the movie. After the movie only we decide if we are to have dinner out.

P/S: Well... If I am in KL now.. spend my holiday better!! Definitely much much more better!!!