2008 Election is coming

[ 大选将近 ]

I don't know if you ever noticed, when you read the the news on newspaper recently, minimum 8 out of 10 pieces are about the great election. Others are like nothing at all.

Stories about the YAB, stories about the parties, etc.
Party A said if you choose Party B, you are gonna get yourself in trouble, for Party B is racist!
Party B said if you choose Party A, you are gonna get yourself in trouble, for Party A is not a good party, that it won't help in our society.
Some even came out an advertisement to ask people vote for them.

I can only say, OMG...
I am a very lazy person, I don't know much about politics, I don't know who and who, are with what and what party, and what are they fighting for.
I only know they all like to talk much. Whether they can really, and whether they will really do what they said, we shall see after they won the party.

People who get involved with politics, are all some person, they are just not somebody. Well, this is what I believed.

So.. hell all the bull shits.. It's good to listen.