Picking on TOES

This photo was taken when I went to the New Delhi trip. And, guess what, he actually knew we wanted to take photo on him. But, he just continue to do whatever he is doing there...

Is it my fault?

Can anybody please tell me what is wrong with these emails?


FYI, there was an accident happened last Saturday midnight. My room’s heater got burn off with fire out of nowhere. It happened at 2am plus, when everybody is asleep. The heater placed right next to the bed. Fortunately, it just burn off itself and didn’t exploded that it would possibly hurt me any time.

I’ve informed Mr. YYY to change a new one for me, and as promised, he said will replace another unit by today. And right after the accident, I found my bathroom’s water heater was dysfunction too. There is no more hot water. This one, I’ve also informed the maid so she could tell Mr. YY when he come in by today.

This has been the second heater I requested to change. Also, fyi, I switch on the heater only when I’m about to sleep, till the next morning when I wake up. It did not switched on 24/7.
Based on the past experiences, we suspected the power supply or the power supply management in the aparment may be somehow in problems. There have been 2 power extensions been dysfunction. There even once, some part of the area at the main power’s suis there got burn off when I on the air-corditioner in my room.

Now, our concern is how can this happened? Was it merely the heater problem? If so, how could company gave us such lousy heater? Or was it the power supply in the apartment problem? Luckily I managed to wake up before the fire gets too far. I really cannot imagine what will be the consequences if the fire gets wild, and it burn the apartment, burn 4 of us, further to burn the building. And, fyi, I can’t even find a fire extinguisher in the apartment!!!
It would be much appreciated if you could send someone to investigate it, and we insist to know the actual causes for this. Till then, I don’t think the apartment is safe enough to stay. It may be my heater got burn off this time, what about next?

Please revert asap, so to clear our doubts, and so we could stay in the apartment safe and sound.

Thanks & regards,

And, this is what I get for reply..


We are seized of the situation and we are happy that you are safe and hale & hearty. The power supply has been checked thoroughly and its perfect.

You will be provided with new heater. Please make sure that before going to bed, heater should be kept at a safe distance and should not be put near the bed or curtains or any inflammable items.

I appreciate your concerns


Then, I send another email..


Thanks for the prompt reply. Am waiting for the new heater still.

Fyi, I have to put the heater near to the bed and curtains, because that is where the only available power plug is.

Also, could you please tell us what is the actual reason that the heater went on fire? If the power supply is perfect, so it’s the heater that giving problem? How can company give such heater to us then?

And, shouldn’t we have any fire extinguisher at home? What should we do if same thing happen again? What should we use to put off the fire? Please take in consideration of our safety as well.

Thanks & regards,

Right after that, I've got no reply at all.

Does the problem lies on me? Am I being over react? Am I being too pushy?

Did I ruined the matter?