The 3rd Year

[ 三年了 ]

Today, is 1st January 2008.
Today, is the first day in year 2008.
Today, is also our 3rd year anniversary.

It's been three years.
The good, the bad, the ugly.
The happiness, the unhappiness.
The sweet, the sadness.
All we have been through in this three years.

This is the first anniversary that I have to be absented.
I'm really sorry about it, it's really out of my control for being so far away from you.

I wanted to tell you so much that at this moment,
I wanted to be next to you, and hug you tight.
I miss you so much, I miss your warmness, I miss your smell, I miss your cooking..
I wanted to tell you that I really unbearable to leave you, that I love you so.

Nobody can tell how's our story goes.
We may be just someone passer by.
But, I hope that, I really hope that, at least we are happy and sweet while we are together.
And I really hope that we can walk till the end, for another three years, thirty years..

Daddy, mummy loves you always ~