UNITECH Country Club

Remember the post where I said I'm drunk? Well, that night my company's customer threw a party the night, to celebrate the project is on schedule. The venue is at a Country Club nearby.

The signboard at the entrance to tell us where should we heading to for our party~

The garden style decoration is really nice, it gives me a feeling that I am actually attending a garden style wedding~

This is my first time to join such garden style party. It was a very good experience, just that too bad.. It was summer time now, there are flies and mosquito everywhere..

The chefs are busy with the food preparation

This, is where our food gonna be later

White color table cover, with yellow sheet, it's so sharp and warm

First thing we did is to look for a nice table, then check out what's happening there. Then, we saw few waiters walking around with a plate on their hand!

So, they brought us some snacks before meal. Yummy yum... This include Chicken Tikka, Fish Tikka, Fried Paneer (some kind of Indian style cheese), Mutton Kebab, and Fried Potatoes Flakes.

Ofcourse, there are all sorts of drinks too. Beers, Liquor, Coktail, Frui juice, Soft drink..

Then, we heard something from the stage. Oh.. So they have prepared some entertainment too!

He, is the MC for the night, also the singer for the night. Well, he actually sing well, I think..

So the colleaguse enjoying their snacks while enjoying the entertainment too

Group photo~

Here comes the most high moment of the night! They arranged for few dancing performances! Hehe.. Guys.. Becareful of your nose.. Do not get bleeding ok?

Sexy dancing queen~

Another sexy dancing queen with Arabian look~

Well, this has been introduced as Indian Shakira~

From Left: Project Manager from client side, Big Boss, Mrs Big Boss

Big boss is really nice person, so is his mrs. =) They usually bought us dinner, and shown their concerns. And tonight, boss keep asking us to dance in the dance floor!

Well, Indian is really a real fans of dance. They just like to sing and dance! My colleagues all can dance so well, it's like dancing already part of their life!

Isn't this look like our well known DISCO?!

It's dancing time~

After all the fun, right about 2130, dinner started. Hm.. Perhaps, they used to have dinner at this hours?

Menu for the night's dinner.. Authentic Southern Indian dishes. Hm.. Didn't get to take the food photos. Well, just let it be in my mermory~

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