It's Party Time Again!

Today we are having PARTY again! To be exact, we are having a Port-Luck Party.

Those who are coming from KL are the participants. Well, this round we have to left out our lovely Thai colleagues, they went back to Thailand for SongKran.

So, here we are, everybody have to come out one dish of their very own. Well of course, for those who used to cook, a.k.a. the Big Chef, wouldn't mind to make extra cooking.

This, are all the dishes of the day

ABC Soup, by Regine

Fried Long Gevity Mee, by JT

Fried rice with sausage, by DouDou

Fried rice with anchovies, by DouDou

Ayam Chili Api, by Ashid

Fried Egg with tomatoes, by JT

Fried Chicken with coriander, by Andy

Fried Anchovies, by Chan

The very famous beer in India, King Fisher

Snacks! We have peanuts, local flavor peanuts, and lays..