Happy Go, Angry Back. WTF!!

[ 乘兴而去, 败兴而归.. ]

I've just told you that I''m going to be so happy, because I am going for a trip.

And, now that I am back, from the trip, I just wanted to tell you that I feel so angry and upset and as what Chinese said, TULAN!! The agent and the tour guide were so so so irresponsible!! Stupid idiot bastard!

It was supposed to be a very enjoyable vacation, but it ended up a wasting money and energy one. We have paid so much money, and yet this is what we get. Before we go, everything is YES, NO PROBLEM, SURE. After get the money? SORRY CANNOT DO THAT, SORRY WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THIS, BLA BLA BLA... Felt like want to knock their head!!

Sigh.. It was indeed so upset. Want to know more? Please come back soon.

Right now, here is one of the photos I took during the trip.

Hawal Mahal, a.k.a. Wind Palace, Jaipur

P/s: Please bare with the photos. After all the unhappy incidents and the rush, my mood really spoiled, that I didn't manage to take a good photo at all.. Sigh..