Big Head Prawn

Rushed down to get back my passport just now. Phew~

What has happened? Well, was run out of rupees, so we went to the bank to exchange the currency yesterday. Maybe I was too busy this two days, that I forgot to get back my passport after the money. Or may be yesterday was rather special, the first time I have to submit my photocopied passport to them.

They usually photocopied it in the bank itself, I just have to pass them my passport. The previous time I went there, the bank staff said their photocopy machine is damaged, so we have to bring our own photocopies. So, yesterday I passed them my passport for checking, but I forgot to get it back from them. And, they also didn't pass it back to me, probably forgot as well..

How stupid am I.. When I open my bag, the moment I saw the zip of the inner container of my passport was opened. I was really shocked! Where the hell has it gone to? How come it's opened? Then, oohh.. I took it out to the bank this afternoon.. -_- That was already 1800+. No choice, but wait for the next day to get back my passport, my precious passport.

But then, isn't it funny? They should have come to my office to look for me, so to return my passport to me when my details are all in the form? GOSH...