A story of 40K

[ 4万元的故事 ]

I know this isn't any news anymore. Valentine's already passed, Chinese Valentine's is today. Yes, I'm talking about the huge billboard at LDP.

I am really wondering what makes a person would do so to his women? To be good, he is romantic. To be worse, he is such a splendid and forceful.

HE, is young and successful. If he isn't young, he won't have the guts to do so. If he isn't successful, he won't have the money, throw the 40k to do so. What is all about romance? It's all money matters..

Plus, his face must be thick enough, thick enough to stand everybody's judgment.

HER REPLY, is being moved by his sincerity? or be course of her own shallowness? A man would spend so much time to think of something to make you happy. A man would have do something so embarrassing to tell the world how much he loved her. Just imagine when you are old later, it's such a romance and honor to tell your grandchildren about this..

However, if you do not love this man, or if you do not think it's the time to get married with this man yet, it's such a big big difficulty to decide. How to reject him, when everybody knows about it? YES is not the answer, NO is also not the answer..

40K is really a big sum, well at least to me. To decide whether it's worth or not, it's fully depends on those who involved. Only them have the rights to judge so.

Anyway, wish them happy forever though.