16 Day in India

[ 在印度的第十六天 ]

Finally buck up and get into the mood of work today, started the WAR!

Hm.. You may think that I have been over reacted. But I can tell you, no I am not! If you ever know what happened before.. Anyway, whatever passed is past.

The point is now, right? As long as I did my very best, do whatever have to be done, say whatever have to be said. Don't think they will do anything harm to me right?

Prayed for me to successfully pass this 5 months safe and sound.

Anyway, something happened then.

Went to look for MLD to get some information regarding his module, where the module I'm working on some how inter-related with his. Then, the big-snake overheard our conversation and joined in. Few minutes later, they started to talk Hindi. I was like, OMG do you ever know that I'm not an Indian I couldn't understand Hindi at all? Some more they speak very fast, I can't interrupt at all.

Argh... So I have to make use of my innocent eyes, and look at them blurly, hoping they will pity me and speak English! But, they didn't even look at me, and continue with their own language.

After some times, finally they realize of my existence. Quickly, I requested them to speak English so I can understand what they are discussing. They smiled, and use English, for few minutes... Then, I decided not to bother, just try to catch whatever they are saying.

OK, now they said MLD's module shouldn't handle for this request, where it should be handle by another module, and they call that guy in, the hamsap-eyes. Well, ofcourse, it's Hindi again.

Right about one and a half hour later, where it's about time to off work, they came out something as conclusion, and dismissed the meeting. Big-snake explained to me what happened just now. But, there is something I don't agreed.

My module has a function for user to retrieve information from what captured in MLD's module. MLD's module is the main, while mine is just the summary. So logically, don't you think when we wants to view the detailed information, we should link to MLD's page, rather than I have to come out my own page?

Big-snake said I should have my own page, the most I can extend my object from MLD's object. So whatever changes made in MLD's, will not affect ours. Bull shit! As common sense, as a logic person, don't you think this is just redundant and its just crap? It should be other way round right? Whatever changes made in MLD's, we should changed too, to maintain the consistency. Otherwise, don't you find its awkward this two page showing different details, while the it's actually the same thing?

Do not bother.... Must get big-snake to confirm with the bad-guy tomorrow. Hm! Not going to waste my time on this thing.. shit!

MLD - as pronounced in Chinese, Mou Liu Dou (没料到)
Big-snake - as pronounced in Chinese, Dai Xie (大蛇)
hamsap-eye - this guy always use his hamsup eyes to look at people hamsuply.
bad-guy - not that he is bad, but his name contain the word "jay"