First Day in India

[ 在印度的第一天 ]

Today is my very first day in India. Full of surprises, bad one, not a good one.

Aren't familiar here, can't speak their language, can't recognize the road, everything just so stranger to me. Well, the good thing is I have a group of colleagues with me.

Dear my fellow colleagues, sorry to trouble you guys and girls to take care of me ya~

P/s: If you ever interested with my journey in the Incredible India, stay tuned for more updates. Will write more when things get better here.

First step on New Delhi, India

[ 踏在印度新德里的第一步 ]

Fiinally I have reached New Delhi, India. Time recorded 2100+.

The very first step on the land of India, made me sigh. "Hm.. Is this what it should be?" Many things are just so out of my expectation, though I've heard enough of it, and prepared myself with it. Why? Let's see..

Air polution. When we were in the plane, it's really dificult for us to view the ground, the air was like fille with dust..

Lousy airport with lousy management. I think my hometown's airport is much better than here. We have to queue for more than 1 hour, waiting to check-out. The staff also unfriendly, it's like a big piece of gold will fall out from their mouth!

Driver's skill are extremely horrofied. I really can't think of any word to describe it, horrorble. Every driver are the same, they only cares about their own, reckless and rough, keep horning others to get away. It's like "I am the king of the road, you better get out of my way"

The time we reached the apartment company rented for us already midnight. Was tired and exausted, with my body with dust, and some virus perhaps.

First thing to do, choosed the room, take out the stuff required for shower, rushed into the bathroom.

Phew.. Feel much better after the shower. Adjusted my alarm clock, covered the pillow with my old t-shirt, here we go, time to sleep. It's another hard day tomorrow, gotto work.

P/s: I really feel like crying.. =(