16 Day

[ 16 天 ]

So, I have about 16 days to be in Malaysia, before I left to the Incredible India.

Hm.. Seems like there are lots of things I have to prepare, but in fact, I haven't do a thing.

It will be winter season during November till December in India. Though there will be no snowing, but the weather could be quite cold, the temperature will be 10-17 celcius day time, and down to 5-10 at night. So, my existing jacket will not be useful there, indoor perhaps. Got to get myself some winter wear then.

The environment, the hygiene isn't good there, so it's better to take some antibody injection. Well, colleagues already took the injections, but I'm still dragging it.. Haha..

The food isn't quite same taste as here, most probably we aren't used with it. So, it's better to bring our own food. Canned food, instant noodles, some dried food, and etc..

The medicine... This is very important. According to the colleagues who been there, this is a must-have item! Mainly because we aren't familiar with the instructions, or the kind of mecidine there. Plus, will definitely need it for diarrhea, and skin's problem. 9 out of 10 of them got the deceases. =(

Hm.. There are something else, but I can't remember.. Haha..

Well, I shall go there to earn some bucks. In fact, I spend lots before departure.. What a joke..