Goodbye MSN

[ MSN 再见了 ]

Recently my company implementing some new rules. All messenger, except Skype, are not allowed at work.

Poor Regine.. It is my very very very motivation at work. Whenever I feel sleepy, or bored, I will message my friends, and chat a while, exchanging our precious information, and so to show our concerns. Now? it's all gone.. All to be history.

Well, the good news is the network connection at our India office aren't stable enough, so Yahoo! messenger will be remained, till further notice. Hm.. Just don't know when will it be blocked one day?

No choice, probably the management want us to be hard working and focus on our works. It's just that I'm not used to the days without messenger, like I've will be dropped off in the jungle or what..

Bore, is the only word I can think of...