What is NEVER ?


对于一般人来说, 从来, 是第三次.
举个例子, 一位妈妈叫正在玩电动游戏的儿子去做功课.
第一次, “儿子, 功课做完了没有, 快去做功课.” 儿子还在玩电动游戏.
第二次, “儿子, 快去做功课啦, 不要再玩了.” 儿子继续在玩电动游戏.
第三次, “死仔包, 叫你去做功课啦, 从来都不听!!”

对于一位女士来说, 从来, 永远是第一次.
再来一个例子. 两个面临分手的情侣 (姑无论两人一起三天, 三个月, 抑或三年).
女生对男生说, “你从来都没有爱过我!!”

– 黄子华


What is Never ?

For most people, NEVER, is the third time.
For e.g. a mother ask her son who is playing PS2, to do his homework.
1st time, "Son, have you finished your homework? Go do your homework." The son is still playing his PS2.
2nd time, "Son, faster go do your homework. Stop playing the game!" Still, the son is playing his PS2.
3rd time, "Hey son! I asked you go do your homework. Why you NEVER listen to me?!"

But, for most ladies, NEVER, is the first time.
For e.g. A couple in the mid of break-up. (no matter how long they have been together, 1 day, 1 year, 10 years..)
The girlfriend told the boyfriend, "You NEVER loved me!!"

- Dayo Wong Tze Wah

This is what I heard from a talk show by Dayo Wong. The moment his talk about this, I feel it's really funny. But come to think about it, it's so true.

Just wants to share to you all..

P/S: Not sure where he gets all his topics, probably it's what he is thinking?