Restaurant City @ FB

Do you all FB ? Do you play FB games ? And do you play Restaurant City? Long ago when I first play FB, I find it quite boring thought, nothing so special about. Yes, it may allow you to locate back your long lost friends, but to me, this function seems like not so useful after all.

Then, someone invited me to join this game in FB (Fox, I still can't remember if it's you lar.. ). Form then, I have been obsessed with it. It's the Restaurant City, the most hit recently, that made me gone all crazy about it!


Every morning when I wake up, the very first thing I ever do is to check on my RC's status, to feed my staff, to clean up the mess... A sandwitch is a must for breakfast, it allow him/her recover 100% health. Then monitoring the progress on the status of all staff, make sure they have enough energy /health to continue serving.

Also, pay attention on the dishes that your restaurant is serving is important too. Focus on one dish per cageory allowed you to upgrade your dish more easily. The more experience points you get, the faster you gets to upgrade your restaurant.

Last but not least, the arrangement of the restaurant does affect your progress to gain more points! The customers must always be served happily. Else they will just leave you with thumb down, affecting your upgrade progress.

So, friend! If you are playing this game, remember to add me!!